Author Robert Koger -
A few years ago I was teaching a beginners coaching clinic and as I looked out at the coaches and saw a coach that I knew had been coaching at least 10 years. I finished the clinic and walked over to the coach and asked him why he was there. He stated that his team was not winning, and that now he knew why. He stated that he had gotten away from the basics. This book prepares the beginning coach, assists and refreshes experienced coaches, and provides the all the basic drills for coaching. I personally used the information in this book for my teams. Both of my sons, Jay and Tony, as well as other players I have coached, went on to play soccer on college scholarships.
I spent over twenty eight years coaching youth soccer. I have my United States Soccer Federation “D” level Coaching License, and have coached all levels of youth soccer, to include Olympic Development. I have coached in Texas, California, and Mississippi. I have also taught a coaching development clinic I designed. My teams have played teams from all over the U.S. as well as teams from Mexico, England, and Germany.
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