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Robert “Bob” Koger grew up in Columbus, Kansas and now calls Crossroads, Texas, his home. Prior to becoming a writer, Bob spent twenty years in the U. S. Air Force, two years as a Technical Writer for a fortune 500 company, and eighteen years working for the Department of the Air Force as a Civil Servant.
After graduation from high school Bob joined the Air Force. He went into teaching other Air Force personnel. He also spent four years as a Military Training Instructor. Some people refer to the job as a Drill Instructor. During his time in the Air Force he traveled all over the United States and a few exotic vacation spots like Thailand and Vietnam.  
Upon his retirement from the military he started his next job as the Lead Technical Writer for Keuffel & Esser Company. He wrote repair and operational books on laser ranging devices, heart monitors, and many other types of equipment made by the company. After about 2 ½ years the company decided to move their operations to New Jersey. Wanting to stay in Texas, Bob resigned and went back to work for the Air Force. This time he worked in the civil service portion of the Air Force, going to work as an Education and Training Specialist. During his eighteen year career he worked in numerous faculty and staff positions before becoming the Dean of one of the major Community College of the Air Force campuses.  
After retiring from civil service, Bob started writing and after finishing his first book, he signed with the Chamein Canton Literary Agency. His first book, 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills, was released in 2005. Since then he has released The New Coach’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer, was released in 2007; The Baffled Parent’s Guide to Fix-It Drills for Youth Soccer, 2009 and The Ultimate Guide in 2010.  His first book 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills was released in a Spanish version in 2009 (Ejercicios de Entrenamiento para Jóvenes Futbolistas).

He has published six mysteries:  Death’s Revenge, Coyote Secret, Envelope of Death, and All Must Die, are part of the Dan Edwards Mystery Series. I also have Death On My Watch which is a paranormal mystery.Threat From The Pearl of Antilles is book one of the Sean Kennedy and Claire Morris series.

Stay tuned for further updates. Bob has other fiction and nonfiction projects in the works
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