Author Robert Koger -
This book differs from most soccer books in that it features diagnostics. This book is the result of overhearing a soccer coach say that he “wished there was a repair manual” he could go to fix the problems with his team. “I sat down and compiled a list of the most common problems new and experienced soccer coaches face. Then I developed drills that can be used to correct the problems.”
The book is written so it presents the problem and then follows with a solution, both by way of explanation and drills that can be used to overcome the skill, technique, or tactical mistakes being made. To ensure the solutions were correct, I then took a local team that had a losing record and started training them using the drills I had devised. The team went from last place to finish that season in third place. The team went undefeated in the next two seasons.
Using this book works. This book offers a lot more than just identifying and fixing problems. There is a chapter that allows coaches to assess the skill level of their players so they can concentrate on individual player improvement. There are also chapters on warm-up, cool down, conditioning, position play, formations, and fun drills that incorporate numerous skills. The book additionally has a full glossary of soccer terms to help the coach learn the language of the game.
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