Author Robert Koger -
"101 Great Youth Soccer Drills is an excellent resource for helping youth coaches find a solution for any problem they may encounter in the game." -John Ellinger, Head Coach, U.S. Under-17 Men's National Team, from his foreword  
"The book's all-inclusive nature mirrors that of the sport." -Stacy Horany, Times Record News  
"This book is about more than just soccer drills." -Archer County Advocate  101 Great Youth Soccer Drills, June 12, 2005
Reviewed through Amazon.Co.UK Reviewer: Lee Thompson from Washington, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom "I received this book yesterday, I have read/studied most of the drills and they look very good. I'm currently a coach of a soon-to-be under 13's team and the drills will come in very handy for their training sessions. Of course the usual suspects of drills are in there but there are also a lot of good new drills, which I will be going over with them. The book concentrates on all aspects of developing youngster’s abilities and rather than boring drills the kids will enjoy the drills in this book. There are also a few pages on goalkeeper training, which I will defiantly being using. Whether you’re using the book for new ideas or to recap on the basics I highly recommended this book."
101 Great Youth Soccer Drills, January 24, 2006 Reviewed through Amazon.Com Reviewer: R. L. Benavides II, San Antonio, Texas "I don't read alot of books. I think the last one was in High School, and I'm 30. I was sucked into this book. Once I started reading the book the wheels in my head started turning faster. This book is a breath of fresh air to my coaching career. To an author/coach I owe so much, now I know why you coached. Thank You for opening my eyes and refreshing my memory of the good ol' days. Great Book!" Avg. Customer Review: 5 Stars  John Ellinger, Head Coach, Real Salt Lake The New Coach's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer "Robert Koger will bring out the best in our youth players."  
Reviewed through Amazon.Com Reviewer: Saul - 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills: Skills and Drills for Better Fundamental Play (Paperback) Excellent drills and good examples. I am a third year coach and find this book extremely helpful.  
Reviewed through Amazon.Com Reviewer: D. Migliore (San Jose, CA) - 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills: Skills and Drills for Better Fundamental Play (Paperback) I am a new coach and use this book regulary for ideas for practice for my 9 year old's recreational team. I like how the chapters are divided into separate sections as to type of drill required: Defense, offense, etc. The author provides very simple step by step drills and pictures to help quickly reference the right skill.

My only complaint, not really a complaint but a suggestion - it would be nice to have some more details on building/progressing each drill - i.e. such as adding defenders or progressing a drill into separate activities (if that makes sense).

Bottomline, I recommend this book to any new or recreational soccer coach that wants to add diverse and fun drills to his/her practice! 
Reviewed through Amazon.Com Reviewer: Henry O. Milliken "HOM" 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills: Skills and Drills for Better Fundamental Play (Paperback) This book has many great examples of drills and entire practices. I modify many but the book really helps me think of different techniques to try to emphasize different skills.
Reviewed through Amazon.Com Reviewer: Breezy- The New Coach's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer: A Complete Reference for Coaching Young Players Ages 4 through 8 (Hardcover) I was roped in at the last minute to coach my 3 yr old's U6 team. we've just moved to a small town. i did not know anything about soccer let alone coaching a team. this book has helped me every step of the way! i learned the rules, how to teach basic drills and prep for the first game. The book is outlined well so it's easy to find a specific area where you need to focus. It's also very easy to read - you don't have to have a sports background to understand it. Good luck!
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