Author Robert Koger -
Coyote Secret
The border between Texas and Mexico is large and remote, making it ideal for people to cross undetected. Most attempt the crossing on their own, or by hiring human traffickers called Coyotes to bring them across. Not all survive the journey.

A young lady stumbles across Coyotes unloading dead bodies from their truck. She runs but they catch her, beating her severely and leaving her for dead.
The police arrest a boy who is mentally challenged and unable to understand what happened. His lawyer calls in Ex-FBI agent Dan Edwards to lead the investigation, but before Dan can find out who tried to kill the girl, he has to figure out why she was targeted. What did she know that was so deadly?

No one knew the attempted murder had been observed by a man that everyone knew as a friendly, yet passive CPA, who is in reality a man who had escaped from Alcatraz with the help of the CIA.  He performed as a remorseless killer for the CIA during the cold war years in Berlin, and across the wall into Russian controlled areas. 

Racing against time and outside forces, Dan and his friends blur the lines of justice to get to the truth, and find the people responsible.


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