Author Robert Koger -
Death's Revenge
Mystery - Fiction
Members of a U.S. sanctioned and CIA run death squad, who were part of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, are being killed.  In the jungle the squad was ambushed and some died, now over forty years later the surviving members of the team are being killed.  The killer leaves notes referring to himself as “The Bird”.
The FBI has no leads, and call in a civilian contractor they’ve used before.  Dan Edwards was given a psychological discharge from the FBI.  His methods are unorthodox, but effective.  He draws on his circle of friends to uncover classified information, steal records, and do whatever has to be done to solve the case.
To keep Dan from going off the rails, the FBI teams him with Assistant Director In Charge Kate Blair, a by-the-book but highly skilled investigator.  Their styles clash, but their desire to stop “The Bird” trumps their differences.
Suffering from PTSD, “The Bird’s” paranoia has taken control of him and he exacts his revenge.  No matter how close Dan and Kate get, “The Bird” and his companion are able to stay one step ahead.
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