Author Robert Koger -
Envelope of Death

In a top-secret project at Fort Detrick, MD, the U.S. Army created the perfect killing machine…a person abducted from their normal life, and programmed to kill without conscience.  With the target eliminated, the person returns to their ordinary, mundane life without a second thought.
When the congressional oversight committee hurriedly terminated the project, an anonymous player with a score to settle, steps in. Using secret funding the program is reactivated as a personal vehicle of vendetta.
Dan Edwards is called out to investigate a murder at Lake Lewisville.  He doesn’t expect anything other than a routine case.  As an ex-FBI agent, death and murder were familiar to him.  This case however, quickly proves to be different.  The murder victim was not the person who everyone knew him to be.

Dan augments his team with a Detective from the Little Elm Police Department, and his band of friends,.  He discovers a world-wide organization of killers.  Little did he know the answers to the crime were painfully close to home.

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