Author Robert Koger -
Within each technique is a subset of skills that are required. No game strategy can be effective if you are unable to execute all levels of skills and techniques. This book is designed to help you to improve your player's' skills and to properly execute the correct tactics and techniques. This is done by going step-by-step.
Chapter 1 starts with what every coach needs, information on the basic laws of the game; and an explanation of the layout of the playing field. The following chapters 2 through 5 explain the roles of parents and players, the equipment needed, how to assess your players for their level of skill and needs, and how to continue to train with using warm-up and cool down drills and techniques. Chapters 6 and 7 are the heart of the book. Meant to be used as a diagnostic and resolution tools, these chapters list the most common problems your team is likely to experience. These problems are then followed by explanations on how to correct the deficiencies, and the suggested drills to work on with your team to solve the problem.
Chapters 8 through 13 illustrates the drills used to correct problem deficiencies. Each chapter covers a different skill, tactic, or technique. Chapter 14 covers conditioning drills to get your team in shape and keep them there. Chapter 15 is all about position play and formations. Because the whole purpose of training is to improve the skills of the players, while they and you have fun, Chapter 15 also includes some fun drills and games to use with your team. The book ends with a complete glossary to explain soccer terms and technology.
Use this book as a maintenance manual. Identify the problem, find the corrective action, and then make the repairs. Using the information in the book works well, and will save you a lot of work, and will eliminate the headaches that come with having a team that doesn't properly perform.
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