Author Robert Koger -
You can go from a beginning coach to an experienced coach with this book. The New Coach’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer, will allow you to travel that path with ease and satisfaction.
After writing my first book, 101 Great Youth Soccer Drills, I was approached by new coaches, during my training clinics, asking me to write a book specifically designed to handle the new, inexperienced coach, and young players with little or no knowledge of the game. This new book, The New Coach’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer, is the answer to their requests. It can be used as a standalone book because it gives the beginning coach everything they need to properly train beginning 4 year olds up through 8 year olds. It can also be used in conjunction with my other book if the coach feels the players have advanced to more detailed and demanding drills. However, most coaches will never have to buy another book until their players are beyond 8 years old.
I have coached youth soccer for over 28 years. For the thousands of new coaches taking over teams every year, the advice I offer in this book will make their lives easier and their teams better. The New Coach’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer, covers everything a new coach needs to know: the rules of the game, the layout of the field, the logistics of finding player space, setting up practices, and even handling pesky problem parents. If you want to understand the offside rule, clarify what goalkeepers can and can’t do inside the penalty box, need advice on conditioning and training players, you’ll find it here. This book is designed specifically to help coaches work with young player’s age 4 through 8. My goal is to make the game fun for kids, parents, and coaches.
With 14 million American children playing in organized leagues, and more new coaches needed every year, this book is essential, helpful reading for anyone who chooses to take up the whistle and coach a team.
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