Author Robert Koger -
Threat From The Pearl Of Antilles

The more police detective Sean Kennedy and mystery writer C. L.Claire’ Morris, learned about the enemy, the more dangerous it became. They were up against a wide-spread, treacherous, and well-funded organization that had spent years gathering power so they could undermine and destroy the United States from within. The patriots would die for their mission, and wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who got in their way. Sean and Claire’s knowledge of the organization put them in danger, and both were in the crosshairs of El Cuco and his team of killers.

El Cuco's job was to torture and kill those who got in the way. He was a masochist who made sure his victims suffered. His latest victim was Vernon Childs, a retired Secret Service Agent who was a father figure and mentor for Claire. Childs investigation into the series of murders got too close to El Cuco.

Sean didn't know who he could trust which made every step dangerous. He had a plan, but one misstep and both he and Claire would die. Could they stop the threat to America?


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